Size & Measure

Women's Sizing

All dress sizes are according to American sizing and the adjectives approximately correlate with the following numeric sizes:

When looking at the dress styles, please be aware that Fitted Dresses may run smaller by up to a full size, while Swing Dresses tend to run larger by up to a full size. However each fabric and cut is different, so if you are concerned about the fit of any particular style, feel free to contact us and we can walk you through finding the proper size.

All shoes are by American sizes, and only come in full sizes. For size conversion:

Men's Sizing

When sizing for a suit or sport jacket, first we determine your chest size, which is done by using a measuring tape around the chest, under the arms. This should be done while in a relaxed position and recorded in inches. The second measurement needed for the jacket is the sleeve length. In general, a man under 5’7” will need a short, a man between 5’7” and 5’11” will need a regular, and a man over 6’0” will need a long. The number and the sleeve length combined are your typical suit size.

For determining your pant size, all you need is your waste size in inches, done at the hips or below the belly button, with three fingers resting against the body and inside the measuring tape; this gives you breathing room when you sit down. Dress and suit pants come unhemmed, but use your height, like with a jacket, to determine if you may need a short, regular, or long.

Our suits and sport jackets come in three different styles, Classic Cut, Sport Cut, and Slim Cut. The measurement techniques above, usually correlate to your classic cut size, which is a straight fit from chest to torso. The sport cut will use the same measurements as the classic cut, but is very slightly tapered from chest to torso. The slim cut may require you to go up one size from the one determined for the classic cut, as it tapers from chest to torso. The pants that come with the suits have similar features as its jacket; the classic is a straight leg, fitted body is slightly tapered, and slim fit is tapered.

Dress shirt sizes are determined by neck size, so measure your neck with a measuring tape, relaxed and with one or two fingers against the neck and inside the measuring tape, and record the size in inches.

Our dress shirts come in three styles, Sport Shirt, and Slim Cut. The sport shirt are in adjective sizing, small, medium, large…, and are slightly fitted. So we suggest going up one shirt size from what you typically wear. If you need extra room in the torso go a half or full inch up. A slim fit will also use the measurement determined above, and is tapered from chest to torso. If you need extra room in the torso, go a full inch up or look at the sport cut style.

All shoes are in American sizes. For size conversion: